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The Exports API allows you to export large amounts of data from your Increase account. This is useful if you want to analyze your account data in other tools or migrate to another service.

Making an Export

You can create an Export in the API or Dashboard. As preparing the Export can take a long time depending on what's requested, this process is asynchronous. When you create the Export, it will have status: pending. When it's ready, it will transition to status: complete and the file_id and file_download_url attributes will be set on the Export API object. We'll send you a webhook for this and optionally notify you via email.

Types of Export

You can indicate what type of Export you'd like via the category API parameter. Right now the only publicly supported export type is transaction_csv, which exports your transactions and some of their metadata (optionally limited to a specified time range or account ID). We're working on more export types, but please let us know if there's a field or type that would be helpful to you!

Backwards compatibility

Exports are currently in beta, and we'll occasionally add or remove columns to our reports depending on user feedback. This might change the absolute ordering of columns. If you're automatically ingesting these CSVs in code, we recommend you not rely on column ordering and instead use the column headers to know how to parse each column.