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Your Increase team can organize its Accounts into groups called Programs. Each Program can have unique compliance or commerical terms.

Every team has a Program called "Commercial Banking" that you can use to hold your company's own funds. If you are managing funds on behalf of your customers, we will work together to create additional Programs for you.

A Program controls much of the configuration for all of the Accounts belonging to it. Some of the things that a Program controls are:

  • Fees
  • Interest rates
  • Required compliance reporting
  • Transfer approval rules
  • Account titling and structure

Limiting data access

You can limit the account and transaction data a team member can access in the Dashboard. Data permissions are scoped by Program—you can select all or a subset.

For example, this can be helpful if you have a team managing an FBO program, but don’t want to provide access to your commercial accounts. To modify a team member’s data access, visit the team page in the Dashboard settings.

Limit data permissions

Learn more about roles and permissions.