Programmable money movement is table stakes. Founders choose Increase for the transparent access to networks, devolved compliance model, and unmatched customer service.
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Low-level network details directly from the Federal Reserve
Other providers omit, lose, or abstract away important information. We built direct, hard-wired connections into the Federal Reserve, Visa, The Clearing House, and other money movement networks to give you every detail.
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Read more about ACH, cards, wires, and real-time payments.
Flexible & programmable financial primitives
Programmatically create ACH debits and credits. Pro tip: use unique account numbers for each counterparty to simplify reconciliation.Learn more about ACH.
curl -X "POST" \ --url "${INCREASE_URL}/ach_transfers" \ -H "Authorization: Bearer ${INCREASE_API_KEY}" \ -d $'{ "account_id": "account_in71c4amph0vgo2qllky", "account_number": "987654321", "amount": 100, "routing_number": "101050001", "statement_descriptor": "New ACH transfer" }'
Modern Treasury
Increase has been an invaluable banking partner to Modern Treasury. They support innovative, fast growing customers looking for high quality banking technology, and get our mutual customers moving money quickly. They understand the importance of speed to market and provide the right tools for building financial products.
Dimitri Dadiomov
CEO, Modern Treasury
Own your customer relationships
Your compliance program is mission-critical, so don’t outsource it. You know your customers better than we — or any other platform — could. Increase arms you with the tools to run a great compliance program instead of running a cookie-cutter program for you. Never lose a customer to someone else’s risk model again.
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Go live even faster
Move real funds today
Don't settle for a platform that keeps you in a sandbox. Start your technical integration immediately. Experiment with live API calls on Day 1.
Automated oversight
KYC is key. We programmatically verify identities, unblocking you (and us) to move and scale faster.
Grow together
We're a startup, too. We iterate on feedback and ship quickly. You can expect small meetings, fast turn-arounds, and no bottlenecks.

Bank accounts and banking services are provided by Increase’s partner banks, members FDIC.