Fedwire at your fingertips
The original instantaneous money transfer. Send money to any US bank with swift and transparent submission timing.
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Transparent reversals
Receive webhooks for every reversed wire transfer.
Unlimited account numbers
Attribute every inbound payment to a unique account number.
Approval flows
Optional approval flows add an extra layer of security.
Programmable limits help prevent unintentional or unauthorized transfers.
Built for automation
Automate your wire desk
Programmatically send and receive wires with a single API call. Easily track the full lifecycle of a wire, respond to reversals, and access raw network details.
Track precise submission timing
Fine-grained reversal details
Create unique account numbers per sender
Wire Transfer funds flow
Full control
Send and receive drawdown requests
Send payment requests to third parties to safely and efficiently fund an account.
Wire drawdown requests are especially useful for investment platforms because they streamline capital calls by ensuring counterparties have the correct details ahead of time.
Instantly fund your accounts
Create tighter cashflow management
Reduce transfer errors
Wire Transfer funds flow
await increase.wireTransfers.create({ account_id: "account_in71c4amph0vgo2qllky", message_to_recipient: "New account transfer", account_number: "987654321", routing_number: "101050001", amount: 1000 });
Bare-metal APIs
Every detail directly from Fedwire
IMAD is instantly available
Immediately send confirmation of a payment to the recipient.
Full reversal details
Access the specific reason why a transfer was returned from a wire desk.
Submission timing
Know when a wire is submitted to the Federal Reserve.
Fedwire for developers
Send a wire transfer
Send a wire drawdown request
Approve or cancel a pending wire transfer
await increase.wireTransfers.create({ account_id: "account_in71c4amph0vgo2qllky", message_to_recipient: "New account transfer", account_number: "987654321", routing_number: "101050001", amount: 1000 });
Wire transfers move funds between your Increase account and any other account accessible by Fedwire.
Transparent submission timing.
Access raw network details.
Inbound transfers complete within seconds.
Learn more about Wires
Learn how Fedwire works
Fedwire uses a series of field tags to codify payment information. Learn more about what’s in each file and what you can customize.
Banking for builders
Everything you need and nothing you don't
Direct connections to the networks for money movement. Bank accounts that open instantly. Unopinionated building blocks that don't force you into legacy patterns.
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ACH Payments
Originate ACH credits and debits, validate account numbers with pre-notifications and store commonly accessed details.
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Bank Accounts
Flexible account constructs. Unlimited account numbers. FDIC insurance.
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Issue cards with custom art to businesses or consumers. Approve authorizations in real-time, or configure limits programmatically.
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Send branded checks anywhere in the world with one API call. Or deposit checks via API or the dashboard.
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The original instantaneous money transfer. Send money anywhere, anytime Fedwire is open.
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Real-Time Payments
Transmit money to accounts at most major banks in seconds, not days.
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The Federal Reserve’s newest payment method. Instantly move money 24/7/365 with any participating bank.
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