Real-Time Payments
Instant payments around-the-clock
Directly integrated with the RTP network, send money to a recipient’s bank account in less than 60 seconds.
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Always available
Send money outside of banking hours, on weekends, and during public holidays.
No clawbacks
Payments are sent as credits so there are no returns or reversals.
Payment requests
Send a request for payment directly to a customer’s banking app.
Growing support
Reach two thirds of U.S. checking accounts.
Flexible and reliable
When every millisecond counts
Real-Time Payments are faster than ACH transfers and more available than wire transfers. With round-the-clock settlement, Real-Time Payments are the perfect tool to power flows that need off hours settlement or instant verification.
real-time payments funds flow
await increase.realTimePaymentsTransfers.create({ account_id: "account_in71c4amph0vgo2qllky", account_number: "987654321", routing_number: "101050001", amount: 1000, creditor_name: "Ian Crease", remittance_information: "Invoice 29582" });
Use cases
Digital wallets
Instantly pay out or top-up digital wallets from external bank accounts.
Auto sales
Complete auto purchases on weekends and outside of bank operating hours.
Contractor payments
Pay contractors within minutes of completing their work.
Reimburse employees in real-time for company expenses.
Bare-metal APIs
Every detail directly from The Clearing House
Raw rejection details
Instantly receive detailed rejection codes and notes to help you understand the specific reason for a failed payment.
Transaction identification
Immediately receive a unique transfer identifier from the RTP network to confirm a payment was sent.
Source account number
Instantly verify the account ownership of a third party by checking the account number in a received RTP.
Real-Time Payments for developers
Send a Real-Time Payment
Request a Real-Time Payment
Check bank support
await increase.realTimePaymentsTransfers.create({ account_id: "account_in71c4amph0vgo2qllky", account_number: "987654321", routing_number: "101050001", amount: 1000, creditor_name: "Ian Crease", remittance_information: "Invoice 29582" });
Payments are instantly available in the receiver's account. Payments move instantly from customer to vendor.
Support is broadening across banks.
Specify remittance information.
Errors happen right away, or not at all.
Learn more about RTP
Learn how RTP works
RTP sends and XML message that uses a subset of ISO 20022. Learn more about what’s in each file and what you can customize.
Banking for builders
Everything you need and nothing you don't
Direct connections to the networks for money movement. Bank accounts that open instantly. Unopinionated building blocks that don't force you into legacy patterns.
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ACH Payments
Originate ACH credits and debits, validate account numbers with pre-notifications and store commonly accessed details.
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Bank Accounts
Flexible account constructs. Unlimited account numbers. FDIC insurance.
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Issue cards with custom art to businesses or consumers. Approve authorizations in real-time, or configure limits programmatically.
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Send branded checks anywhere in the world with one API call. Or deposit checks via API or the dashboard.
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The original instantaneous money transfer. Send money anywhere, anytime Fedwire is open.
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Real-Time Payments
Transmit money to accounts at most major banks in seconds, not days.
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The Federal Reserve’s newest payment method. Instantly move money 24/7/365 with any participating bank.
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