Real-Time Payments
Real-Time Payments. Really.
Move money instantly between participating U.S. institutions.
Available 24/7/365
Real-Time Payments are always available. Even outside of Fedwire windows!
No claw-backs
Payments are credits and there are no returns, reversals or disputes.
Growing support
200+ financial instutions on the network. Reach more than 62% of checking accounts.
Payment requests
Send a payment request directly to a customer’s banking app.
Easy and convenient programmatic payments
Payments are instantly available in the receiver's account. Payments move instantly from customer to vendor.
curl -X "POST" \ --url "${INCREASE_URL}/real_time_payments_transfers" \ -H "Authorization: Bearer ${INCREASE_API_KEY}" \ -d $'{ "source_account_number_id": "account_number_v18nkfqm6afpsrvy82b2", "destination_account_number": "12345678", "destination_routing_number": "101050001", "amount": 100, "creditor_name": "Ian Crease", "remittance_information": "Invoice 29582" }'
Funds settle faster than you can say "Automated Clearing House."
When the world of consumer applications became real-time, the US banking system stood still. Real-Time Payments is the fast, secure, and affordable transfer solution that will power the next generation of financial software.
Independent contractors
Workers can receive their pay within minutes of completing their work.
Digital wallets
Consumers can instantly move funds from a digital wallet to their bank account.
Auto sales
Complete auto purchases on weekends, outside of about bank operating hours.
Mortgage closing
Simple and fast adjustments during the real-estate mortgage close process.
Modern Treasury
Increase has been an invaluable banking partner to Modern Treasury. They support innovative, fast growing customers looking for high quality banking technology, and get our mutual customers moving money quickly. They understand the importance of speed to market and provide the right tools for building financial products.
Dimitri Dadiomov
CEO, Modern Treasury

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