Mail and deposit physical checks
Send checks anywhere in the United States with one API call. Or deposit checks via API or the dashboard.
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Mailed the same day
Checks are automatically sent the same day they’re initiated.
Positive Pay
Deny any checks that haven’t been pre-allocated.
Transparent tracking
Receive webhooks at every step in the process.
Bring your own printer
Customize with a third party, and fulfill with our APIs.
Monitor the entire check lifecycle
Tracking checks can be a significant challenge due to their long life-cycle. This often leaves companies in the dark about their financial settlements.
Increase provides real-time updates on every major check event, offering unprecedented visibility and control. Know exactly when checks have been mailed, when they arrive, and the precise moment they‘re deposited.
Know exactly when a check is deposited
Cancel a check at any time until it’s deposited
Receive instant credits for returned checks
Check Transfer timeline
Flexible and reliable
Remote deposit capture made easy
Programmatically deposit physical checks without any additional integrations. Directly upload images, specify the amount, and Increase will handle validation and submission. Alternatively, you can upload a check anytime in the Dashboard.
Build a customized deposit experience
Check images are automatically processed
Works from mobile, web or anywhere
Deposit a check in the dashboard
await increase.checkDeposits.create({ account_id: "account_in71c4amph0vgo2qllky", amount: 1000, currency: "USD", front_image_file_id: "file_hkv175ovmc2tb2v2zbrm", back_image_file_id: "file_26khfk98mzfz90a11oqx" });
Bare-metal APIs
Every detail directly from Check21
Deposit information
Receive the deposit timestamp and check images from the recipient bank.
Auxiliary on us
Access additional metadata printed on a check, such as the business check number.
Serial number
Verify the number for deposited checks.
Rejection reason
Receive legible and actionable notes on why a deposited check was rejected.
Check21 for developers
Send a check
Cancel a check
Deposit a check
await increase.checkTransfers.create({ account_id: "account_in71c4amph0vgo2qllky", source_account_number_id: "account_number_v18nkfqm6afpsrvy82b2", fulfillment_method: "physical_check", physical_check: { recipient_name: "Ian Crease", memo: "Check payment", mailing_address: { name: "Ian Crease", line1: "33 Liberty Street", city: "New York", state: "NY", postal_code: "10045" }, }, amount: 1000 });
Check Transfers send funds from an Increase account to any US address by mailing a physical check.
Set the check memo and include a letter in the same envelope.
Checks are sent same-day.
Webhooks keep you up-to-date on mailing and deposits.
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Banking for builders
Everything you need and nothing you don't
Direct connections to the networks for money movement. Bank accounts that open instantly. Unopinionated building blocks that don't force you into legacy patterns.
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Issue cards with custom art to businesses or consumers. Approve authorizations in real-time, or configure limits programmatically.
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Send branded checks anywhere in the world with one API call. Or deposit checks via API or the dashboard.
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The original instantaneous money transfer. Send money anywhere, anytime Fedwire is open.
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Banking services provided by First Internet Bank of Indiana, Member FDIC. Increase is a financial technology company, not a bank. Cards Issued by First Internet Bank of Indiana, pursuant to a license from Visa Inc. Deposits are insured by the FDIC up to the maximum allowed by law through First Internet Bank of Indiana, Member FDIC.